Ethercoin -- Peer to Peer Smart Electronic Cash for Layer-2 Scaling

Ethercoin (ETE) is a new generation of smart contract platform initiated by a group of professional and technical geeks worldwide to provide the overall scalability of layer-2 scaling in Defi world.

Deflationary Monetary Policy
Layer 2 Scaling
Pow only

Ethercoin Advantage

Deflationary Monetary Policy
Ethercoin setes up strict Deflationary Monetary Policy. ETE has a coin output mechanism similar to that of Bitcoin, i.e. the daily output will be reduced by 50% every two years.
Ethercoin upgrated from Ethereum at block hieght .Ethereum community got around 100M air drop. all other coins must be minted by POW mining.Because there is orphan block reward. the total number of ETE will be around 0.5 Billion.
Layer 2 Scaling
To significantly scale trading, ETE has built a Layer 2 protocol based on Ethercoin scalability engine and smart contracts.
ETE Layer-2 scaling techniques move transactions off-chain. By constructed properly, ETE layer-2 solutions have leveraged many of the benefits of blockchains, such as security and immutability without incurring the same costs. ETE users can expect significantly lower gas costs, and in turn, a much faster trading speed.
Pow only
There must be a cost for currency issuance.we choose the energy as the cost of ETE.Pow is better than POS: dynamic and cost.all the hash power must be natively from internet: cpu, gpu, or store ability. now we choose to use ProgPOW. ProgPoW is a proof-of-work algorithm designed to close the efficency gap available to specialized ASICs. It utilizes almost all parts of commodity hardware (GPUs), and comes pretuned for the most common hardware utilized in the Ethereum network.

What is Ethercoin

Ethercoin (ETE) is Smart Electronic Cash, has strict Deflationary Monetary Policy.ETE is a new generation of smart contract platform initiated by a group of professional and technical geeks worldwide to provide better service to DAPP developers and users. protected by native internet hash power.ETE Team is aware of the needs to always maintain the platform to thrive the challenge for the needs of high-quality requirement including security.

Ethercoin combines the best of Ethereum builds with a safe and reliable free from transaction cost, making the large and complex smart contracts economically viable, stable and continuous, the high scalability and real-time transaction feedback realized by the master node network.

  • P2P loans
  • Insurance
  • Saving deposits
  • Debit cards for everyday use
  • An exchange and a wallet.

Ethercoin Coins Structure

Eth holder inherit
POW Issued consists of 80% Miner reward and 20% Developer reward

Ethercoin Roadmap

Oct 2017
Project Started
July 2018
Upgraded to ProgPow
Jan 2020
Listing in several Cryptocurrency Exchanges
June 2020
Release of the product for Ethercoin crypto wallets
Jan 2018
Ethercoin mainnet activation
December 2019
Release latest Parity client and developing Geth client
March 2020
Release Ethercoin hardware